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Rikkaboshi + A

Album Cover
Rikkaboshi + a
Catalog Number
CLJ 8832-2.2
19,99 EUR
CD Tracklist
  1. Cubic'「L/R」ock
  2. Ai no Uta
  3. Rokugatsu Youka
  4. Ari to Kakuzatou
  5. Yubisaki
  6. Hoozuki
  7. Kirisame
  8. Izayoi Kaze
  9. last note
  10. Yuukyuu no Ame, Soshite....
  11. Hoshigaoka
  12. Sleet Eve
DVD Tracklist
  1. Korea & Europe Documentary


Rikkaboshi + a is the second European exclusive album released by Ayabie. This is a compilation album made up of all the tracks from the singles "Cubic'「L/R」ock", "Yubisaki", and the mini-album Rikkaboshi. It was released in a CD+DVD only format. The DVD is a tour documentary, which has subtitles in English and German. This comes with: an extra booklet with lyrics translated in English and transliterated in Romaji, and a European tour diary.

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