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Hello! Morning Episode 001

Idol Legends - Mie

Air Date




Goto Maki, Ichii Sayaka

Cast Members

Ordered by generation then by age where applicable


Mie from Pink Lady


Debut episode of Hello! Morning

Opening Theme

"Hello! no Theme"

Morning Talk - "Idol Legends"

Pink Lady's Mie shares her stories of and tips for idol life with Morning Musume. She also teaches them part of the dance to UFO.

T&C Bomber's Skill-Up Course

Enka course decision

Morning Musume. Single History

Short live performance clips of each of their singles up to that point.

Ballerina Corps Melon

In this first segment of Melon Kinenbi's "drama", the girls hear a mysterious voice late at night, TV Tokyo is in danger, and Ayumi suddenly can't move after ballet practice!

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