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Matsutoya Yumi

Matsutoya Yumi promoting AND I WILL DREAM AGAIN... (2009)

Matsutoya Yumi (松任谷由実) is a Japanese pop singer-songwriter and producer currently signed with EMI Music Japan. She debuted in 1972 with the single "Henji wa Iranai" under her maiden name Arai Yumi (荒井由実). She is one of the most famous singers in Japan. According to a 2005 episode of MUSIC STATION she is the 6th best selling artist (2nd female) in Japan, selling over 38,300,000 copies. Since then, more recent figures say she has sold over 42,000,000 copies.


  • Name: Matsutoya Yumi (松任谷由実)
  • Maiden Name: Arai Yumi (荒井由実)
  • Nickname: Yuming (ユーミン)
  • Pen Name: Kureta Karuho (呉田軽穂)
  • Birth Date: January 19th, 1954
  • Birth Place: Hachiouji, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan
  • Blood Type: O


She was born to a rich dry store owner and become intimate with music at a young age. She graduated from Tama University of the Arts where she studied music, and began to walk the way of music. Yumi debuted as a singer with the single "Henji wa Iranai" in 1972 and her first album Hikoukigumo in 1973. She married music arranger, composer, and producer Matsutoya Masataka in 1976, who had previously arranged her album THE 14th MOON.

She is a pioneer having opened up a new world of music by rich musical, witty songs. Her fans especially enjoy her bright stage settings and costumes which she is famous for. Beginning with the release of her album Sakuban Oaishimashou in 1981 until the release of Cowgirl Dreamin' in 1997, she had seventeen consecutive albums chart #1 on the Oricon charts. She likes to dress up, and hardly two of the photos on her CD covers and in the booklets look like they were of the same person.

Her vocal characteristics has a slight forced, nasal character. She does not display any high pitched over-tones, often expected of female Japanese pop singers.


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