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Hitomi wa Diamond

Single Cover
Matsuda Seiko
Hitomi wa Diamond (瞳はダイアモンド)
1983.10.28 (LP)
1983.11.11 (Tape)
2004.04.28 (CD)
Catalog Number
07SH1421 (LP)
10KH1368 (Tape)
SRCL-5689 (CD)
¥700 (LP)
¥1,050 (CD)
  1. Hitomi wa Diamond (瞳はダイアモンド; The Eye is a Diamond)
  2. Aoi Photograph (蒼いフォトグラフ)
  3. Hitomi wa Diamond (Original Karaoke) (瞳はダイアモンド(オリジナル・カラオケ)) (CD only)
  4. Aoi Photograph (Original Karaoke) (蒼いフォトグラフ(オリジナル・カラオケ)) (CD only)


"Hitomi wa Diamond" is Matsuda Seiko's 15th single. The song "Aoi Photograph" was used as theme song for the dorama Ao ga Chiru. Both songs were re-titled to their English translations, "Diamond Eyes" and "Photograph of Yesterdays", on Matsuda's eighth album Canary to match the rest of the English tracklist. The single was re-released in CD format in 2004 including the instrumental tracks. The original release reached #1 on the Oricon charts, and the re-released CD reached #103 and charted for one week.

Song Information

Matsumoto Takashi
Kureta Karuho
Other Information
Arrangement: Matsutouya Masataka

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