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Seiko '96-'98 (album)

Album Cover
Matsuda Seiko
Seiko '96-'98
Catalog Number
  1. Touch the LOVE 
  2. Ashita e to Kakedashite Yukou (明日へと駆け出してゆこう)
  3. Crazy Shopper 
  4. Anata ni Aitakute ~Missing You~ (あなたに逢いたくて)
  5. Moshi, Mou Ichido Modoreru Nara (もし、もう一度戻れるなら)
  6. Sayonara no Shunkan (さよならの瞬間)
  7. Haran Banjo (波乱万丈)
  8. Watashi Dake no Tenshi ~Angel~ (私だけの天使)
  9. Anata no Sono Mune ni (あなたのその胸に)
  10. Setsuna Sugiro Kokoro (切なすぎる心)
  11. Gone with the rain
  12. Koisuru Omoi ~Fall in love~ (恋する想い)
  13. Forever
  14. Kaze ni Fukarete (風に吹かれて)
  15. Dear Father 


Seiko '96-'98 is Matsuda Seiko's 21st best album and first one released under Universal Music Japan. It includeas a selection of songs that were released since she changed labels until the album's release. Four months later, an instrumental version of the album was released with the title Seiko '96-'98 Original Backing Tracks. The album reached #57 on Oricon charts and charted for 2 weeks.

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