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Kaze wa Aki Iro / Eighteen

Single Cover
Matsuda Seiko
Kaze wa Aki Iro / Eighteen (風は秋色)
1980.10.01 (LP)
2004.04.14 (CD)
Catalog Number
07SH866 (LP)
SRCL-5677 (CD)
¥700 (LP)
¥1,050 (CD)
  1. Kaze wa Aki Iro (風は秋色)
  2. Eighteen
  3. Kaze wa Aki Iro (Original Karaoke) (風は秋色(オリジナル・カラオケ)) (CD only)
  4. Eighteen (Original Karaoke) (オリジナル・カラオケ)) (CD only)


"Kaze wa Aki Iro / Eighteen" is Matsuda Seiko's third single. It was re-released in CD format in 2004 including the instrumental tracks. The title track was used as CM song for Shiseido "Ekubo". It reached #1 on Oricon charts and sold 573,000 copies, becoming the #14 single of 1980. In total it sold nearly 800,000 copies. The re-edition CD reached #107 and charted for one week.

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