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Seiko Call ~Live'85~

VHS Cover
Matsuda Seiko
SEIKO CALL ~Live'85~
1989.07.01 (LD Re-release)
2018.11.14 (Blu-Ray)
Catalog Number
48ZH 232 (VHS)
96LM 53 (LD)
48LH 232 (LD Re-release)
MHXL-60 (Blu-Ray)
¥5,184 (Blu-Ray)
  1. Aoi Sangoshou (青い珊瑚礁)
  2. Natsu no Tobira (夏の扉)
  3. Nagisa no Balcony (渚のバルコニー)
  4. Komugi Iro no Mermaid (小麦色のマーメイド)
  5. Shiroi Parasol (白いパラソル)
  6. Heart no Earring (ハートのイアリング)
  7. Seychelles no Yuuhi (セイシェルの夕陽)
  8. Sleeping Beauty
  9. Boy no Kisetsu (ボーイの季節)
  10. Glass no Ringo (ガラスの林檎)
  11. Hitomi wa Diamond (瞳はダイアモンド)
  12. Pink no Mozart (ピンクのモーツァルト)
  13. Jikan no Kuni no Alice (時間の国のアリス)
  14. Miami Gozen Goji (マイアミ午前5時)
  15. Manhattan de Breakfast (マンハッタンでブレックファスト)
  16. Mitsurin Shoujo (密林少女)
  17. Tenshi no Wink (天使のウインク)
  18. Tengoku no Kiss (天国のキッス)
  19. Rock'n Rouge
  20. Akai Sweet Pea (赤いスイートピー)
  21. Only My Love
  22. SWEET MEMORIES (Instrumental)


SEIKO CALL ~Live'85~ is Matsuda Seiko's fifth live video release. It was filmed at Nippon Budokan on March 26-27, 1985. The concert was re-released in LaserDisc format four years later, and in DVD format in 2005 as part of the 25th Anniversary Seiko Matsuda PREMIUM DVD BOX. In 2018 it came out as a Blu-Ray.