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Winter Tales

Album Cover
Matsuda Seiko
Best Album
Winter Tales
Catalog Number
  1. Pearl-White Eve
  2. Together for Christmas
  3. Heart no Earring (ハートのイアリング)
  4. Kootta Iki (凍った息)
  5. December Morning
  6. Aisaretaino (愛されたいの)
  7. Blue Christmas
  8. Yuki no Fantasy (雪のファンタジー)
  9. Koibito ga Santa Claus (恋人がサンタクロース)  
  10. Futari Dake no Christmas (二人だけのChristmas)
  11. Kitto, Mata Aeru... (きっと、また逢える…)
  12. Soto wa Shiroi Yuki (外は白い雪)
  13. Daite... (抱いて…)


Winter Tales is Matsuda Seiko's 17th beat album released as a special Winter album. It was released against Matsuda's will since she was under Universal Music Japan at the moment of the release, and the album was released by her former label, Sony Music Japan. A follow up album was released 7 months later with a Summer theme, Seaside ~Summer Tales~. An edited version of the Sweet Memories '93 album photoshoot was used for the cover art. The album reached #44 on Oricon charts and charted for 5 weeks.

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