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Squall (Matsuda Seiko album)

Album Cover
Matsuda Seiko
Catalog Number
27AH1032 (LP)
27KH-844 (Tape)
  • Side A
  1. ~Minami Taiheiyou~ Samba no Kaori (~南太平洋~サンバの香り; ~South Pacific~ Samba's Fragrant)
  2. Blue Angel (ブルーエンジェル)
  4. Tropical Hero (トロピカル・ヒーロー)
  5. Hadashi no Kisetsu (裸足の季節 ; Barefoot Season)
  • Side B
  1. Rock'N'Roll Day Dream (ロックンロール・デイドリーム)
  2. Cool Gang (クールギャング)
  3. Aoi Sangoshou (青い珊瑚礁; Blue Lagoon)
  4. Kugatsu no Yuugure (九月の夕暮れ; A September Evening)
  5. Shiosai (潮騒; The Sound of Waves)


SQUALL is the debut studio album recorded by Matsuda Seiko. It was released in two formats: a vinyl record and a cassette tape. The album was written entirely by Miura Yoshiko and composed by Oda Yuuichirou. The SQUALL vinyl managed to reached #2 on the weekly Oricon LP Chart, and the tape release ranked in at #1 on the Cassette Chart. The only reissue to chart was the 2009 Blu-spec edition, which reached #64.


Matsuda Seiko promoting the album

The 2009 CD+DVD edition of SQUALL came with the "Aoi Sangoshou" 80nendai Live Eizou Original Mix music video.

Format Released Catalog Number Price
Vinyl 1983.06.22 30AH-1607 -
Cassette 1983.07.01 33KH-1332 -
CD 1983.12.21 35DH-68 -
CD 1987.11.21 32DH-783 -
CD 1990.10.15 CSCL-1853 ¥1,529
CD 2006.07.19 SRCL-6301 ¥1,529
Blu-spec CD+DVD 2009.08.05 SRCL-20011 ¥2,980
Blu-spec CD 2012.02.15 MHCL-20146 -
Blu-spec CD 2013.07.24 MHCL-30107 -
Blu-spec CD 2014.09.25 SSMS001 -

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