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Snow Garden (Matsuda Seiko)

Album Cover
Matsuda Seiko
Snow Garden
Catalog Number
28AH2270 (LP)
32DH-850 (CD)
¥2.800 (CD)
¥3.200 (CD)
"Today's Avenue Side" Tracklist
  1. Please Don't Go
  2. Yousei-tachi no Tea Party (妖精たちのTea Party)
  3. Pearl-White Eve
  4. Koishitara... (恋したら…)
"Yesterday's Street Side" Tracklist
  1. Issen Ichibyou Monogatari (一千一秒物語)
  2. Hitomi wa Diamond (瞳はダイアモンド)
  3. Heart no Earring (ハートのイアリング)
  4. Aisaretaino (愛されたいの)
  6. Yuki no Fantasy (雪のファンタジー)


Snow Garden is Matsuda Seiko's 11th best album. It was released as a special Christmas album containing a different kind of tracklist for each side of the LP. The "Today's Avenue Side" contained new recordings (except for "Pearl-White Eve", which was released as a single 15 days earlier) and the "Yesterday's Street Side" which was a Best Of selection (except for "Yuki no Fantasy" which was a re-written and re-arranged version of "Hoshi no Fantasy"). The album reached #1 on weekly Oricon charts. Because 195,000 copies were sold in 1988, the album reached #50 on the yearly Oricon chart for that year.

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