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The 9th Wave

Album Cover
Matsuda Seiko
The 9th Wave
1985.06.05 (LP, Tape, CD)
1990.10.15 (CD Re-edition)
2009.08.05 (Blu-spec CD+DVD)
Catalog Number
28AH1880 (LP)
28KH1685 (Tape)
32DH238 (CD)
CSCL-12735 (CD Re-edition)
SRCL-20031~32 (Blu-spec CD+DVD)
¥2,800 (LP, Tape)
¥1,529 (CD Re-edition)
¥2,980 (Blu-spec CD+DVD)
CD Tracklist
  1. Vacancy
  2. Natsu no Jewelry (夏のジュエリー)
  3. Boy no Kisetsu (ボーイの季節)
  4. Ryoute no Naka no Umi (両手のなかの海)
  5. Su・Zu・Shi・I・A・Na・Ta (す・ず・し・い・あ・な・た)
  6. Hoshizora no Story (星空のストーリー)
  7. Sazanami Wedding Road (さざなみウェディングロード)
  8. Tenshi no Wink (天使のウインク)
  9. Teen Age (ティーン・エイジ)
  10. Natsu no Genei (夏の幻影)
DVD Tracklist
  1. "Tenshi no Wink" 80nendai Live Eizou Original Mix (「天使のウィンク」80年代ライブ映像 オリジナル・ミックス)


The 9th Wave is Matsuda Seiko's 11th album. The album was re-edited in 1990, and in Blu-spec CD+DVD format in 2009. It reached #1 on Oricon charts, the Blu-spec re-edition reached #90 and charted for 1 week.

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