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I'll Fall In Love Ai De Li Wu

Album Cover
Matsuda Seiko
I'll fall in love Ai De Li Wu (愛的禮物)
Catalog Number
  1. Ai De Li Wu (愛的禮物)
  2. Zhan Lan Se De De Qiu (湛藍色的地球)
  3. Xia Tian De Men Wai (夏天的門外)
  4. Huo Hong Se De Xiang Wan Dou (火紅色的香豌豆)
  5. I'll fall in love 
  6. Ruriiro no Chikyuu (瑠璃色の地球)
  7. Natsu no Tobira (夏の扉)
  8. Akai Sweet Pea (赤いスイートピー)
  9. I'll fall in love (Chinese Version) Backing Track (中国語バージョン)


I'll fall in love Ai De Li Wu is Matsuda Seiko's first Chinese release. The album contained both Chinese and Japanese versions of four songs, plus a instrumental track. The album was released only two days after "I'll fall in love" single in Japan and both releases share the same cover art (first press cover of the Japanese single).