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Seiko Matsuda Concert Tour 2009 "My Precious Songs"

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Limited Ed. Cover
Regular Ed. Cover
Matsuda Seiko
Seiko Matsuda Concert Tour 2009 "My Precious Songs"
Catalog Number
UMBK-9217 (Limited Ed.)
UMBK-1141 (Regular Ed.)
¥7,350 (Limited Ed.)
¥6,300 (Regular Ed.)
  1. It's Style '95
  2. I Want You So Bad!
  3. Wanna Know How
  4. Hot Thing
  5. Moshi, Mou Ichido Modoreru Nara (もし、もう一度戻れるなら)
  6. Kanashii Himitsu (悲しい秘密)
  7. Ame no Coney Island (雨のコニー・アイランド)
  8. Ame no Resort (雨のリゾート)
  9. Madras Check no Koibito (マドラス・チェックの恋人)
  10. Akai Sweet Pea (赤いスイートピー)
  11. Anata ni Aitakute ~Missing You~ (あなたに逢いたくて)
  12. Watashi ni Dekiru Subete no Koto (わたしにできるすべてのこと)
  13. Believe In Love
  14. Zoku・Akai Sweet Pea (続・赤いスイートピー)
  15. Suteki ni Once Again (素敵にOnce Again)
  16. Miami Gozen Goji (マイアミ午前5時)
  17. Manhattan de Breakfast (マンハッタンでブレックファスト)
  18. Aoi Sangoshou (青い珊瑚礁)
  19. Kaze wa Aki Iro (風は秋色)
  20. Nagisa no Balcony (渚のバルコニー)
  21. Rock'n Rouge
  22. Natsu no Tobira (夏の扉)
  23. Love is all
  24. 20th Party
  25. SQUALL
  26. Namida ga Tada Koboreru Dake (涙がただこぼれるだけ)


Seiko Matsuda Concert Tour 2009 "My Precious Songs" is Matsuda Seiko's 31st live DVD. It was filmed at Nippon Budoukan on July 11, 2009. It was released in two editions, regular and limited. Limited edition comes housed in a digipack with a 52 page special booklet and different cover.

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