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Live It's Style '95

VHS Cover
DVD Cover
Matsuda Seiko
LIVE It's Style '95
1995.11.22 (VHS/LD)
2003.12.17 (DVD)
Catalog Number
SRVM-502 (VHS)
SRLM-502 (LD)
SRBL-1203 (DVD)
¥6,830 (VHS/LD)
¥2,940 (DVD)
  1. Opening (It's Style '95)
  2. It's Style '95
  3. It's Style
  4. You Are My Fire
  5. Let's Talk Again
  6. Don't You Wanna Dance?
  7. Ruriiro no Chikyuu (瑠璃色の地球)
  8. Anata wo Itoshita Koto (あなたを、愛したこと)
  9. Mou Ichido, Hajime Kara (もう一度、初めから)
  10. Believe In Love
  11. Why
  12. Suteki ni Once Again (素敵にOnce Again)
  13. Tengoku no Kiss (天国のキッス)
  14. Medley: Pink no Mozart / Shiroi Parasol / Seifuku / Nobara no Etude / Heart no Earring (ピンクのモーツァルト/白いパラソル/制服/野ばらのエチュード/蒼いフォトグラフ/ハートのイアリング)
  15. Rock'n Rouge
  16. Taisetsu na Anata (大切なあなた)
  17. Kagayaita Kisetsu e Tabidatou (輝いた季節へ旅立とう)
  18. Natsu no Tobira (夏の扉)
  19. Ending
  20. It's Style '95 Contest Winners


Live Glorious Revolution is Matsuda Seiko's 12th live video release. It was filmed at Nippon Budokan on July 7, 1995. The concert was released in DVD format in 2003.

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