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Seiko (album)

Album Cover
1990.05.15 (USA)
1990.06.07 (Japan)
Catalog Number
CK46046 (USA CD)
CT4604 (USA Tape)
CSCL-1090 (Japan CD)
¥2,300 (Japan)
  1. All The Way To Heaven
  2. He's So Good To Me
  3. Leave It Up To Fate
  4. The Right Combination
  5. Goodbye My Baby
  6. Who's That Boy
  7. With Your Love
  8. Everybody Feels Alright
  9. Halfway To Heaven
  10. Try Gettin' Over You


seiko is Matsuda Seiko's 17th album, second English album, and first one to be released in the USA. The album contains the songs "All The Way To Heaven", "He's So Good To Me" and "Who's That Boy" which were released in UK as singles (or B-sides) but not in Japan. It also includes a new version of "Try Gettin' Over You", which was originally included on her first English album SOUND OF MY HEART. The album reached #2 on the weekly Oricon charts and charted for 15 weeks, selling 192,330 copies. It also reached #70 on the yearly Oricon chart for 1990.

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