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North Wind (Matsuda Seiko album)

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Album Cover
Matsuda Seiko
North Wind
Catalog Number
27AH1154 (LP)
27KH-932 (CT)
  • Side A
  1. Shiroi Koibito (白い恋人; Lover in White)
  2. Hanadokei Saita (花時計咲いた; The Flower Clock Bloomed)
  3. North Wind
  4. Fuyu no Album (冬のアルバム; Winter's Album)
  5. Kaze wa Aki Iro (風は秋色; Fall Colored Wind)
  • Side B
  1. Only My Love
  2. Spoon Ippai no Asa (スプーン一杯の朝; A Spoonful of Morning)
  3. Eighteen
  4. Winter Garden (ウィンター・ガーデン)
  5. Shinayaka na Yoru (しなやかな夜; Supple Night)


North Wind is the sophomore studio album recorded by Matsuda Seiko. It is her second record released within four months, and it was issued in both vinyl record and cassette tape formats. Much like her debut album SQUALL all the songs were written by Miura Yoshiko and composed by Oda Yuuichirou. The album was reissued in CD format in 1983, and in Blu-spec CD+DVD format in 2009. The album reached #1 on weekly Oricon LP chart, #2 on the weekly Cassette Chart, and the Blu-spec re-edition reached #74.


Matsuda Seiko promoting the album

Over the years North Wind was re-released several times throughout various formats. In 1983, the record was reissued in the original LP and CT formats, along with the first CD printing. The 2009 CD+DVD edition features the music video for "Kaze wa Aki Iro" 80nendai Live Eizou Original Mix.

Format Released Catalog Number Price
Vinyl 1983.06.22 30AH-1608 -
Cassette 1983.07.01 33KH-1333 -
CD 1983.12.21 35DH-69 3,500円
CD 1987.11.21 32DH-784 3,200円
CD 1990.10.15 CSCL-1853 1,529円
CD 2006.07.19 SRCL-6301 1,529円
Blu-spec CD+DVD 2009.08.05 SRCL-20013-4 2,980円
Blu-spec CD 2012.02.15 MHCL-20147 -
Blu-spec CD 2013.07.24 MHCL-30108 -
SACD 2015.08.28 SSMS-007 -

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