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Touch Me, Seiko II

Album Cover
Matsuda Seiko
Touch Me, Seiko II
Catalog Number
  1. RAINBOW ~Rokugatsu Umare (六月生まれ)
  2. Sukoshi Zutsu Haru (少しずつ春)
  3. Hoo ni Shiokaze (頬に潮風)
  4. Hana Hitoiro ~Nogiku no Sasayaki~ (花一色~野菊のささやき~)
  5. Natsufuku no Eve (夏服のイヴ)
  6. Glass no Prism(硝子のプリズム)
  7. Speed Boat (スピード・ボート)
  8. Nanairo no Puddle (七色のパドル)
  9. Caribbean Wind
  10. Velvet Flower (ベルベット・フラワー)
  11. Kootta Iki (凍った息)
  12. No. 1
  13. Angel Tears
  14. Koi no Mahou de Catch Your Heart (恋の魔法で)
  15. SWEET MEMORIES (Cinema Version)


Touch Me, Seiko II is Matsuda Seiko's 28th best album. The album was a "sequel" of Touch Me, Seiko, which was released 26 years earlier, and as it's predecessor only features B-sides. All the songs included on the two albums cover all Matsuda's B-sides/second A-sides released on the 80's. The cover art features the same image as the first Touch Me, Seiko with a different coloring. The album was released by Sony Music Japan after Matsuda moved back to Universal Music Japan. It reached #94 on Oricon charts and charted for two weeks.

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 33 - - - - - 94 1,508
- - - - - - - 283 414

Total Reported Sales: 1,922

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