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Another Side of Seiko 27

2CD Limited Ed. Cover
CD Only Regular Ed. Cover
Matsuda Seiko
Another Side of Seiko 27 (2CD Limited Ed.)
Another Side of Seiko 14 (CD Only Regular Ed.)
Catalog Number
SRCL-5624~5 (2CD Limited Ed.)
SRCL-5626 (CD Only Regular Ed.)
¥4,700 (2CD Limited Ed.)
¥3,000 (CD Only Regular Ed.)
CD1 Tracklist
  1. Ruriiro no Chikyuu (瑠璃色の地球)
  2. Seifuku (制服)
  3. Jikan Ryokou (時間旅行)
  4. Daite... (抱いて…)
  5. Seychelles no Yuuhi (セイシェルの夕陽)
  6. Aoi Photograph (蒼いフォトグラフ)
  7. Mirai no Hanayome (未来の花嫁)
  8. Only My Love
  9. Canary
  10. Zoku・Akai Sweet Pea (続・赤いスイートピー)
  11. Hotaru no Sougen (螢の草原)
  12. Mafuyu no Koibitotachi (真冬の恋人たち)
  13. Natsu Monogatari (夏物語)
  14. Miami Gozen Goji (マイアミ午前5時)
  15. Ruriiro no Chikyuu 2003 (瑠璃色の地球2003)
CD2 Tracklist
  1. Heart wo ROCK (ハートをROCK)
  3. Chapel no Komichi (チャペルの小径)
  4. Pineapple Island (パイナップル・アイランド)
  5. Ichigo Hatake de Tsukamaete (いちご畑でつかまえて)
  6. Kimono Beat
  7. Sakura no Sono (櫻の園)
  8. Hana Hitoiro ~Nogiku no Sasayaki~ (花一色~野菊のささやき~)
  9. Sleeping Beauty
  10. Kanshashiteru yo! (感謝してるヨ!)
  11. P・R・E・S・E・N・T
  12. Bon Voyage (ボン・ボヤージュ)
  13. Issen Ichibyou Monogatari (一千一秒物語)


Another Side of Seiko 27/14 is Matsuda Seiko's 24th best album. The album was released in two editions, 2CD limited and CD Only regular, each one with a different title depending of the number of songs included. Another Side of Seiko 27 comes with 2CD featuring 27 tracks, while Another Side of Seiko 14 only comes with the first CD of the album (In total 28 and 15 songs are featured respectively because the inclusion of "Ruriiro no Chikyuu 2003"). The selection of songs was made by a total of 15,000 different requests by fans. The voting was restricted to album tracks and singles B-sides. The song with more votes was "Ruriiro no Chikyuu", hence a new version titled "Ruriiro no Chikyuu 2003" was included on the album.

Five months later a similar compilation titled Best of Best 27 and Best of Best 13 was released including the most voted single A-sides tracks.

The 2CD limited edition comes housed in a special box with two "DIGI Books" and 20 postcards featuring Matsuda's singles covers from the 80's. For the limited edition cover art, an edited version of Matsuda's first Bible album photoshoot was used. Another Side of Seiko 27 reached #44 on Oricon charts and charted for 3 weeks. Another Side of Seiko 14 reached #220 on Oricon charts and charted for 2 weeks.

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