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Minipati (2015)
Minipati (2nd Generation)
Minipati (1st Generation)

Minipati (ミニパティ) is a sub unit of the idol group Sakura Gakuin. The unit was created with the original members Raura, Marina and Nene in 2009 and it was not affiliated to Sakura Gakuin at that time. It later officially became a sub unit (third) of Sakura Gakuin, following Twinklestars and BABYMETAL. The group first appeared on Sakura Gakuin's debut album Sakura Gakuin 2010 Nendo ~message~ in April 2011, performing the tracks "Happy Birthday" and "Princess☆a la mode". The second song did not appear on the limited editions of this CD. Raura, Marina and Nene officially pass down Minipati to the second generation members - Yui, Moa and Hana on July 23, 2011, when Hana joined Sakura Gakuin. The unit continues until all the second generation members graduated from Sakura Gakuin on March 29, 2015. The third generation Minipati was officially announced during Tokyo Idol Festival 2015. The members are Yamaide Aiko, Okazaki Momoko and Hidaka Marin. The group became inactive after Yamaide Aiko and Okazaki Momoko's graduation on Sakura Gakuin on March 24, 2018

3rd Generation Members (2015-2018)

2nd Generation Members (2011-2015)

1st Generation Members (2009-2011)


  1. Happy Birthday (ハッピーバースデー) (Sakura Gakuin 2010 Nendo ~message~)
  2. Princess☆a la mode (プリンセス☆アラモード) (Sakura Gakuin 2010 Nendo ~message~)
  3. Yokubari Fille (よくばりフィーユ; Greedy Woman) (Sakura Gakuin 2011 Nendo ~FRIENDS~)
  4. Miracle♪Pattyful♪Hamburger (ミラクル♪パティフル♪ハンバーガー) (Sakura Gakuin 2012 Nendo ~My Generation~)
  5. Acha! Cha! Curry (あちゃ!ちゃ!カリー) (Ganbare!!)
  6. Shanari Hannari Dorayaki Hime (しゃなりはんなりどら焼き娘) (Sakura Gakuin 2013 Nendo ~Kizuna~)
  7. Hirari! Kira Kira☆Yami Yami Museum (ヒラリ!キラキラ☆ヤミヤミミュージアム) (Sakura Gakuin 2014 Nendo ~Kimi ni Todoke~)
  8. Jakapara Goo Goo ♡ Omurice (ジャカパラ Goo Goo ♡ オムライス) (Sakura Gakuin 2015 Nendo ~Kirameki no Kakera~)
  9. Davada♪Salad de C'est bon☆Avenue (ダバダ♪サラダ de セボン☆アベニュー) (Sakura Gakuin 2016 Nendo ~Yakusoku~)

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