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Sakura Gakuin 2018 Nendo ~Life Iro Asenai Hibi~

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Limited Edition "Sakura" Cover
Limited Edition "Gakuin" Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Sakura Gakuin
Sakura Gakuin 2018 Nendo ~Life Iro Asenai Hibi~ (さくら学院 2018年度 ~Life 色褪せない日々~)
Catalog Number
SGAL-0010 (Limited Edition "Sakura")
SGAL-0011 (Limited Edition "Gakuin")
SGAL-0012 (Regular Edition)
¥4,100 (Limited Edition "Sakura")
¥3,900 (Limited Edition "Gakuin")
¥3,000 (Regular Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Mezase! Super Lady -2018 Nendo- (目指せ!スーパーレディー - 2018年度 –)
  2. Wonderful Journey
  3. Verishuvi (ベリシュビッッ)
  4. Gokigen! Mr. Tropicalories (ご機嫌!Mr. トロピカロリー)
  5. Heart no Hoshi (ハートの地球)
  6. C'est la vie (Art Club Art Performance Unit trico dolls)
  7. clover (Year 3's: Shintani Yuzumi, Asou Maaya, Hidaka Marin from Sakura Gakuin)
  9. Jump Up ~Chiisana Yuki~ (Jump Up ~ちいさな勇気~; Small Courage)
  10. Carry on
  11. Fairy tale
  12. Yakusoku no Mirai (約束の未来; Promise of the Future)
  13. Yume ni Mukatte (夢に向かって; Go To The Dream)
Limited Edition "Sakura" Blu-ray Tracklist
  1. Fairy tale Music Clip
  2. Carry on Music Clip
Limited Edition "Gakuin" DVD Tracklist
  1. Sakura Gakuin 2018 Nendo Gakunenmatsu Test (さくら学院 2018年度 学年末テスト; Sakura Gakuin 2018 End of the School Year Test)

"Sakura Gakuin 2018 Nendo ~Life Iro Asenai Hibi~" is the ninth album released by Sakura Gakuin. It's also Shintani Yuzumi, Asou Maaya, Hidaka Marin's last release with the group before their graduation in March 2019. It will be released in three versions, one limited CD+BD edition Sakura (さくら), one limited CD+DVD edition Gakuin (学院) and a regular CD only edition. The track list includes five new songs and eight past released songs which were re-recorded.

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