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Sakura Gakuin First Live & Documentary 2010 to 2011 ~Smile~

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DVD Cover
Sakura Gakuin
Sakura Gakuin FIRST LIVE & DOCUMENTARY 2010 to 2011 ~SMILE~ (さくら学院)
Catalog Number
Disc 1 Tracklist
  2. Chime (チャイム)
  3. Baton Club Twinklestars - Please! Please! Please! (プリーズ!プリーズ!プリーズ!)
  4. Baton Club Twinklestars - Tenshi to Akuma (天使と悪魔; Angels and Demons)
  5. Cooking Club Mini-Patissier - Yokubari Fille (よくばりフィーユ; Greedy Woman)
  6. Go Home Club sleepiece - Medaka no Kyoudai (めだかの兄妹; Medaka Siblings)
  7. Newspaper Club SCOOPERS - Brand New Day
  8. Heavy Music Club BABYMETAL - Ii ne! (いいね!; It's Good, Isn't It!)
  9. School days
  10. Yume ni Mukatte (夢に向かって; Toward The Dream)
  11. 3.a.m (Muto Ayami, Miyoshi Ayaka, Matsui Airi)
  12. Verishuvi (ベリシュビッッ)
  13. Planet Episode 008
  15. message
  16. graduation ceremony
  17. Tabidachi no Hi ni ~J-MIX~ (ENCORE)
  18. See you... (ENCORE)
Disc 2 Tracklist
  1. DOCUMENTARY 2010 to 2011 ~SMILE~
  2. Bonus Footage: One Night Only Shuffled Units. (一夜限りのシャッフルユニット)


Sakura Gakuin FIRST LIVE & DOCUMENTARY 2010 to 2011 ~SMILE~ is the first DVD released by Sakura Gakuin. It features their first live major concert performed on March 25th 2012 at Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall and the graduation ceremony for Muto Ayami, Miyoshi Ayaka, and Matsui Airi along with a documentary. The DVD also comes with a special postcard featuring the graduated members. The DVD reached #53 on Oricon charts, and charted for 1 week.

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