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Call Me Miss...

CD+DVD Cover
CD Cover
Crystal Kay
Call me Miss...
Catalog Number
ESCL-2798/9 (CD+DVD)
ESCL-2800 (CD)
¥3,360 (CD+DVD)
¥3,059 (CD)
CD Tracklist
  1. Baby Girl
  2. Kirakuni
  3. Koi ni Ochitara (恋におちたら; When I Fall In Love)
  4. Hero
  5. Telepathy (テレパシー)
  6. KTK
  7. I Know
  8. nobody but you
  9. Together
  10. fly to you
  11. Kitto (きっと; Surely)
  12. Two As One (Crystal Kay × CHEMISTRY)
  13. Happy Life
  14. Namida ga Afurete mo (涙があふれても; Overflowing Tears)
  15. Kiss (orchestra version) (Limited Edition Track)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Koi ni Ochitara (恋におちたら) (PV)
  2. Two As One (PV) (Crystal Kay × CHEMISTRY)
  3. Koi ni Ochitara (Live Version) (恋におちたら)
  4. Two As One (Live Version) (Crystal Kay × CHEMISTRY)


Call me Miss... is the sixth studio album released by Crystal Kay. This was released just two weeks after her previous single "Kirakuni / Together" and in two different versions: a regular CD only edition and a limited CD+DVD edition that comes with an orchestra version of "Kiss" as well as a DVD of the PVs and live performances of two of Kay's big hits, "Koi ni Ochitara" and "Two As One" (with both these reaching #2 on the Oricon weekly charts).

Oricon Chart Positions

Crystal Kay promoting the album

The album had also reached #2 on the Oricon weekly charts, where it charted for 17 weeks. As this album sold 250,698 copies in 2006, it became the #50 best selling album of that year.

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- - - - - - - 2 116,050
x x x x x x - 4 54,279
x x x x x x x 7 28,145
x x x x x x x 17 14,651
x x x x x x x 27 9,350
x x x x x x x 36 6,369
x x x x x x x 40 4,833

Total Reported Sales: 250,698*

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