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4Real (Crystal Kay)

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Album Cover
Crystal Kay
Catalog Number
  1. Boyfriend -part II-
  2. I LIKE IT loves m-flo
  3. nice & slow
  4. I'm Not Alone
  5. What Time Is It?
  6. Candy
  7. Can't be Stopped
  8. lead me to the end
  9. Kataomoi (片想い; Unrequited Love)
  11. DO U LIKE IT? loves m-flo


4REAL is the fourth studio album recorded by Crystal Kay. It is her second proper Urban contemporary record. The album's title is a play on the phrase "for real" and it plays on the fact it's her fourth record. This record features more production from m-flo. She was contacted by the group after their vocalist LISA left to help record a new single "REEEWIND!" which was the start of the loves... series and they went on to rework the song into "I LIKE IT" releasing it as Crystal Kay loves m-flo. Fellow loves artist YOSHIKA wrote the lyrics for 4REAL's singles "Candy". "OVER THE RAINBOW" is a cover of July Garland's iconic song from 1939 American film The Wizard of Oz. A few weeks after 4REAL 's release Crystal issued her first English language album NATURAL -World Premiere Album-, which features similar album art.

The album reached #5 on the weekly Oricon chart, and continued to rank for a total of 25 weeks. It sold 246,306 copies in 2004, making it #59 best selling album of the year.

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