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Haru Arashi

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Single Cover
Crystal Kay
Haru Arashi (ハルアラシ; Spring Storm)
Crystal Kay
Christian Fast, Oscar Merner, Henrik Nordenback


"Haru Arashi" is a pop song recorded by Crystal Kay. It was used as the ending theme for the TV series Sekai Fushigi Hakken. The song was first used on the double A-side single "Delicious na Kinyoubi / Haru Arashi" and later on Crystal's tenth studio album VIVID.


Crystal promoting the single

There are currently four versions of "Haru Arashi" to be found in Crystal Kay's discography. These versions are listed below in chronological order of release:

Haru Arashi
Found on Crystal's 28th single "Delicious na Kinyoubi / Haru Arashi" as track #2. It was later placed on her VIVID album as track #9.
Haru Arashi (Instrumental)
Found on as track #4 on "Delicious na Kinyoubi / Haru Arashi". This is the instrumental version of the song without the vocals.
Found on Crystal's 29th single "Forever" as track #3.
Haru Arashi (Kazuhiko Maeda Remix)
Found on VIVID as track #13.

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