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Houkago Anthology from Sakura Gakuin

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Album Cover
Sakura Gakuin
Best Album
Houkago Anthology from Sakura Gakuin (放課後アンソロジー from さくら学院)
Catalog Number
CD Tracklist
  1. Dear Mr.Socrates (Baton Club Twinklestars)
  2. Please! Please! Please! (プリーズ!プリーズ!プリーズ!) (Baton Club Twinklestars)
  3. Scoreboard ni Love ga Aru (スコアボードにラブがある; Love is on the Scoreboard) (Tennis Club Pastel Wind)
  4. Medaka no Kyoudai (めだかの兄妹; Medaka Siblings) (Go Home Club sleepiece)
  5. Ningentteina (にんげんっていいな) (Go Home Club sleepiece)
  6. Suimin Fusoku (スイミン不足; Not Enough Sleep) (Go Home Club sleepiece)
  7. Yokubari Fille (よくばりフィーユ; Greedy Woman) (Cooking Club Minipati)
  8. Miracle♪Pattyful♪Hamburguer (ミラクル♪パティフル♪ハンバーガー) (Cooking Club Minipati)
  9. Do・Ki・Do・Ki☆MORNING (ド・キ・ド・キ☆モーニング) (Heavy Music Club BABYMETAL)
  10. Science Girl▽Silence Boy (サイエンスガール▽サイレンスボーイ) (Science Club Kagaku Kyumei Kiko LOGICA?)
  11. Delta (デルタ) (Science Club Kagaku Kyumei Kiko LOGICA?)
  12. Brand New Day (Newspaper Club SCOOPERS)
  13. Science Girl▽Silence Boy 80kidz Remix (サイエンスガール▽サイレンスボーイ 80kidz Remix) (Science Club Kagaku Kyumei Kiko LOGICA?) (bonus track)


Houkago Anthology from Sakura Gakuin is the first best album released by Sakura Gakuin. It includes previously released songs by the seven sub units of the group - Twinklestars, BABYMETAL, Minipati, SCOOPERS, sleepiece, Pastel Wind and Kagaku Kyumei Kiko Logica. Go Home Club sleepiece's Ningentteina which was only used for live performance, will be released for the first time and the remixed version of Science Club Kagaku Kyumei Kiko LOGICA?'s "Science Girl ▽ Silence Boy" by the two-member unit 80kidz is also included in the best album.

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