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I Got a Boy

Korean Digital Cover
Physical Edition Cover
iTunes Cover
Album Packagings
Girls' Generation
2013.02.13 (Japan)
Catalog Number
POCS-21036 (Japan)
¥1,980 (Japan)
  1. I GOT A BOY
  2. Dancing Queen
  3. Baby Maybe
  4. Malhaebwa (Talk Talk) (말해봐)
  5. Promise
  6. Express 999
  7. Yuriai (Lost in Love) (유리아이)
  8. Look at Me
  9. XYZ
  10. Nangmangil (Romantic St.) (낭만길)


I GOT A BOY is the fourth Korean album released by Girls' Generation. Ten versions of the album were released, nine of which use a single member’s photo as a cover, and one of which uses a group photo. Each version of the album includes a different 40-page photobook. The song "Malhaebwa (Talk Talk)" is a Korean version of the Japanese song "BOOMERANG" and was leaked on the internet early 2012. One month later, the group edition of the album was released in Japan with the same contents of the Korean edition.

Member Editions Covers

Taeyeon Ed. Cover
Jessica Ed. Cover
Sunny Ed. Cover
Tiffany Ed. Cover
Hyoyeon Ed. Cover
Yuri Ed. Cover
Sooyoung Ed. Cover
Yoona Ed. Cover
Seo Hyun Ed. Cover

Oricon Chart Positions

Week Rank Sales
7 15,828
17 7,162
28 4,357
41 2,676
53 2,116
13 6,350
35 2,993
58 2,339

Total Reported Sales: 43,821*

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