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Tiffany Young

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Tiffany promoting FOREVER 1 (2022)

Tiffany Young, formerly known mononymously as Tiffany (티파니), is a Korean American singer under Paradigm Talent Agency. She is a member of the Korean pop girl group Girls' Generation. In October 2017, she didn't renew her contract with SM Entertainment.



  • Official Fanclub: Young One (영원)
  • Her father was initially against her decision to become a singer after she was casted to become an SM Entertainment trainee. After she cried "If you don't let me do this, you are going to ruin my life!", "There's nothing I can do but this", and "Believe in me" he eventually gave in to her wishes.
  • She was an SM Entertainment trainee for three years and seven months and was discovered at the 2004 SM Entertainment casting system.
  • Her favorite color is pink.
  • Her motto is "Just work hard (Practice makes Perfect)".

Korean Discography

Tiffany Young promoting "Magnetic Moon" (2019)


Digital Singles


English Discography


Digital Singles




  • [2011.11.25 - 2012.01.29] Fame - Carmen Diaz

Commercials / Endorsements

  • [2008] Nexon Mabinogi
  • [2008] A-Solution (Until 2010)
  • [2008] SK Telecom 1682 Collect Call
  • [2012] Global Hope
  • [2012] 12Plus (Thailand)
  • [2012] Chanel
  • [2012] Bean Pole
  • [2012] Levi's


TV Music Shows

I Just Wanna Dance

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