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Kodakari Yuuka

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Kodakari Yuuka (2012)

Kodakari Yuka (小鷹狩佑香) is a Japanese Idol singer.


  • Birth Name: Kodakari Yuka (小鷹狩佑香)
  • Nickname: Yuuyuu (ゆうゆう)
  • Date of Birth: August 5, 1997 (1997-08-05) (age 22)
  • Place of Birth: Osaka, Japan
  • Height: 154cm
  • Family: Sister Kodakari Momoka
  • Bands / Groups:



Single Participation


  • Her favourite food is Raisin bread.
  • Originally a 2nd generation Kenkyuusei, she was added to Team M on January 26, 2012.

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