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Umeda Ayaka

Umeda Ayaka (NMB48, 2015)

Umeda Ayaka (梅田彩佳) is a Japanese pop singer and Idol managed by Flave Entertainment. She was previously a full-time member of AKB48 and was also a former member of NMB48.




NMB48 and AKB48 Song Participation




Stage Units
AKB48 Team K 1st Stage "PARTY ga Hajimaru yo"
AKB48 Team K 2nd Stage "Seishun Girls"
AKB48 Team K 3rd Stage "Nounai Paradise"
AKB48 Team K 4th Stage "Saishuu Bell ga Naru"
AKB48 Team K 5th Stage "Saka Agari"
THEATRE G-ROSSO "Yume wo Shinaseru Wake ni Ikanai"
AKB48 Team K 6th Stage "RESET"
AKB48 Team B Waiting Stage
NMB48 Team BII 3rd Stage "Saka Agari"


  • Originally a second generation member of AKB48 and a founding member of Team K, she was transferred to Team B and appointed as team captain during the AKB48 team shuffle in 2012. During the AKB48 Grand Shuffle in 2014, she was fully transferred to NMB48 and appointed as sub-captain of Team BII.
    • Although she made her debut with Team K in 2006, Umeda took a medical hiatus due to a stress fracture in her leg. Beginning on December 23, 2006, her hiatus lasted for one year and five months, during which she returned to Fukuoka to seek rehabilitation. She made her return on May 23, 2008 for the start of Team K's fourth stage.
    • She announced her graduation on January 23, 2016 during AKB48 Request Hour Setlist Best 100 2016. Her last theater performance was on March 20, 2016, and she graduated on April 1, 2016.
    • She was the last AKB48 second generation member to leave the AKB48 Group, alongside Kobayashi Kana (from AKB48) and Miyazawa Sae (from SKE48). The three members graduated at Team K's tenth anniversary performance.
  • The nickname "Kyura" (キュラ) comes from the character Dracula and referred to Umeda's crooked teeth when she first joined AKB48. Her teeth were fixed when she returned from her 2006–2008 hiatus, and this is referenced in the original lyrics of "16nin Shimai no Uta".
  • Catchphrase: "Fukuoka-ken shusshin, U~me! Umechan koto Umeda Ayaka desu" (福岡県出身、う〜めっ!梅ちゃんこと梅田彩佳です)
  • Originally participated in the Morning Musume Lucky 7 Audition and made it to the second round.
  • Was the Tokyo Tower image girl from 2009 to 2010, having succeeded Orii Ayumi.
  • She is close with Nonaka Misato, Nakatsuka Tomomi, and Ohori Megumi.
  • Her oshimen is Nonaka Misato.
  • Favorite food: Salmon roe, chocolate
  • Favorite drink: Corn potage
  • Favorite artist: MAX, Ne-Yo
  • Favorite TV show: Mechaike!
  • Favorite magazine: Soup, mini, high-fashion magazines
  • Favorite season: Summer
  • Favorite AKB single: Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka?
  • Favorite AKB stage song: End Roll
  • Favorite AKB outfit: End Roll
  • Charm point: Her nose
  • Special skills: Dancing, calligraphy, penmanship, Kumon, physical exercise
  • Likes: DVDs, salmon roe
  • Favorite Color:Pink
  • Favorite Artist: EXILE
  • Favorite Talents: Oizumi Yo, Wakatsuki Chinatsu, Ogura Yuko


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