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Ando Erina

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Ando Erina (2018)

Ando Erina (安藤愛璃菜) is a former Japanese pop singer and idol. She was a second generation drafted member of NMB48 who graduated on August 20, 2018.


  • Birth Name: Ando Erina (安藤愛璃菜)
  • Nickname: Erin (えーりん)
  • Date of Birth: November 21, 2003 (2003-11-21) (age 16)
  • Place of Birth: Aichi, Japan
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 150cm
  • Bands / Groups:

NMB48 Song Participation


Single Participating Song Position/Unit
Amagami Hime Ferry Team BII
Boku wa Inai Mousou Machine 3gouki Team BII
Boku Igai no Dareka Taiyou ga Sakamichi wo Noboru Koro Kenkyuusei
Warota People Honto no Jibun no Kyoukaisen Team M
Yokubomono Yojijukugo Girls Team M


Album Participating Song Position/Unit
Namba Ai ~Ima, Omou Koto~ Namba Ai

Stage Units

NMB48 Team BII 3rd Stage "Saka Agari"
NMB48 Kenkyuusei "Todokanasou de Todoku Mono"


  • Originally a candidate for the 2nd AKB48 Group Draft, she was drafted by NMB48 Team BII in the third round, and remained a Kenkyuusei for Team BII until she was announced as a Kenkyuusei for Team M during the NMB48 team shuffle in 2016. She was promoted to Team M on October 12, 2017. She announced her graduation on July 10, 2018 and graduated on August 20, 2018.


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