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Fan Service (Bitter)

Limited Edition Cover
Normal Edition Cover
Fan Service [bitter]
2007.03.14 (Limited Edition)
2008.02.13 (Normal Edition)
2013.08.14 (Blu-ray)
Catalog Number
TKBA-1102 (Limited Edition)
TKBA-1112 (Normal Edition)
TKXA-1010 (Blu-ray)
¥ 3,150 (Limited Edition)
¥ 2,800 (Normal Edition)
¥ 3,300 (Blu-ray)
  1. Electro World (エレクトロ・ワールド)
  2. Oishii Recipe (おいしいレシピ)
  3. Computer City (コンピューターシティ)
  4. MC
  5. Linear Motor Girl (リニアモーターガール)
  6. Monochrome Effect (モノクロームエフェクト)
  7. Super Jet Shoes ~Mirai wo Aruku Kutsu~ (スーパージェットシューズ~未来を歩くくつ~) (Original: Peachy)
  8. MC
  9. Perfume Medley (Perfumeメドレー)
    1. OMAJINAI★Perori (OMAJINAI★ペロリ)~イントロの一部のみ)
    2. Vitamin Drop (ビタミンドロップ)
    3. Imitation World (イミテーションワールド)
    4. Counter Attraction (カウンターアトラクション)
    5. Kareshi Boshuuchuu (彼氏募集中)
    6. Jenny wa Gokigen Naname (ジェニーはご機嫌ななめ) (Original: Juicy Fruits)
    7. OMAJINAI★Perori (OMAJINAI★ペロリ)
  10. Perfect Star Perfect Style (パーフェクトスター・パーフェクトスタイル)
  11. Computer Driving (コンピュータードライビング)
  12. Sweet Donuts (スウィートドーナッツ)
  13. Perfume


  1. MC
  2. Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow
  3. wonder2


Fan Service [bitter] is Perfume's first concert DVD. It was filmed December 21, 2006 at Harajuku Astro Hall. The limited edition came with a magazine style photobook containing bonus pictures from the show. A normal edition was issued on February 13, 2008. The DVD reached #3 on the Oricon Charts and charted for 58 weeks.

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