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Fan Service ~Prima Box~

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Release Title
Fan Service ~Prima Box~
Catalog Number
CD 1 Tracklist (Sweet Donuts)
  1. Sweet Donuts (スウィートドーナッツ)
  2. Secret Message (シークレットメッセージ)
  3. Jenny wa Gokigen Naname (ジェニーはご機嫌ななめ; Jenny is Displeased)
CD 2 Tracklist (Monochrome Effect)
  1. Monochrome Effect (モノクロームエフェクト)
  2. Elevator (エレベーター)
  3. Oishii Recipe (おいしいレシピ; Delicious Recipe)
CD 3 Tracklist (Vitamin Drop)
  1. Vitamin Drop (ビタミンドロップ)
  2. Inryoku (引力; Gravity)
Prima DVD Tracklist
  1. Sweet Donuts (PV)
  2. Monochrome Effect (PV)
  3. Vitamin Drop: Special Edition (with behind the scenes footage from their indies era plus a comment from Perfume)


Fan Service ~Prima Box~ is a special, limited edition 3CD+DVD release by Perfume. It contains the re-release version of three of their indies era singles: "Sweet Donuts", "Monochrome Effect", and "Vitamin Drop". It also comes with a DVD containing three promotional videos and behind the scene footage. The 3 CDs, Prima DVD, and green CD sized cardboard spacer are packaged in a special box set. The front of the box is transparent with a grid pattern. When the green spacer is inserted in the front, the word "Perfume" will show up on the front of the box. When the back of the Prima DVD is inserted facing front, the message "Thank You All" appears. When the back of the regular edition Fan Service [bitter] DVD is inserted, "Fan Service Prima Box" shows up. "Monochrome Effect" is issued with a new cover as part of this release.