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Perfume 4th Tour in Dome "Level3"

Limited Edition DVD Cover
Limited Edition Blu-ray Cover
Regular Edition DVD Cover
Regular Edition Blu-ray Cover
Perfume 4th Tour in DOME "LEVEL3"
Catalog Number
UPBP-9003/4 (Limited Edition DVD)
UPBP-1003 (Regular Edition DVD)
UPXP-9001/2 (Limited Edition Blu-ray)
UPXP-1002 (Regular Edition Blu-ray)
¥7,020 (Limited Edition DVD)
¥4,320 (Regular Edition DVD)
¥8,100 (Limited Edition Blu-ray)
¥5,000 (Regular Edition Blu-ray)
  • Main Disc
  1. Opening
  2. Enter the Sphere
  3. Spring of Life
  4. Magic of Love
  5. 1mm
  6. Clockwork
  7. Point (ポイント)
  8. Furikaeru to Iru yo (ふりかえるといるよ; I'll Have to Look Back)
  9. Sleeping Beauty
  10. Party Maker
  11. Spending all my time
  12. Computer City (コンピューターシティ)
  13. Electro World (エレクトロ・ワールド)
  14. Jenny wa Gokigen Naname (ジェニーはご機嫌ななめ; Jenny is Displeased)
  15. One Room Disco (ワンルーム・ディスコ)
  16. Mirai no Museum (未来のミュージアム; Museum of the Future)
  17. "P.T.A." no Corner (「P.T.A.」のコーナー)
  18. Daijo Banai (だいじょばない; I'm Not Ok)
  19. Polyrhythm (ポリリズム)
  20. Chocolate Disco (チョコレイト・ディスコ)
  21. MY COLOR
  22. Dream Land
  • Limited Editions Bonus Disc
  1. Spring of Life (Multi-Screen)
  2. Party Maker (Multi-Screen)
  3. Perfume 4th Tour in DOME "LEVEL3" MC Digest
  4. Perfume 4th Tour in DOME "LEVEL3" Making


Perfume 4th Tour in DOME "LEVEL3" is the 7th live DVD and 6th Blu-ray released by Perfume. It was released in four versions: two limited 2DVD and 2Blu-ray editions coming with a photo booklet and a bonus disc, and two regular DVD and Blu-ray editions. First pressings of all editions also came with a B2-size poster. The tour was used to support and promote the release of their fifth album LEVEL3.

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