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Single Cover
Perfume ( ぱふゅーむ) x DJ Momo-i
Akihabalove (アキハバラブ)
Catalog Number
CD Tracklist
  1. Akihabalove (アキハバラブ)
  2. Akihabalove (karaoke) (アキハバラブ)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Uchimizu Promotion video (打ち水大作戦プロモーションビデオ)
  2. Akihabalove (アキハバラブ)
    1. Front (フロント)
    2. Back (バック)
    3. Close-up (クローズアップ)


Akihabalove is a special release by Perfume and is not part of their official releases by their producer Nakata Yasutaka. This was made as a promotion for the Uchimizu events the summer of 2005. It was produced by DJ Momo-i (Momoi Halko) (who was part of UNDER17) and was only sold at events and at some online shops. Because of its limited release, this is now a collector's item and can cost as much as 52000 yen (~450 USD) on Yahoo Japan Auctions.

The package contains a CD with the Akihabalove song and a karaoke version. The DVD includes the Akihabalove Promotion Video (Anime for the Uchimizu Mission Project with Perfume's voices). Also, a dance version of the video is included with the 3-angle option (front, back and closeup).