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Hello! Morning Episode 003

Idol Legends - Watanabe Minayo

Air Date




Goto Maki, Ichii Sayaka

Cast Members

Ordered by generation then by age where applicable


Former Onyanko Club member Watanabe Minayo


Mama Morning Musume.

Opening Theme

"Hello! no Theme"

Morning Talk - "Idol Legends"

Watanabe Minayo shares with Morning Musume. tales of her romance with her husband and teaches them tips on how to care for a baby.

T&C Bomber's Skill-Up Course

Enka singing course with Heike Michiyo, Iida Kaori, Abe Natsumi, Rinne, Ayaka, Miyoshi Chinatsu, and Maeda Yuki. The second lesson is on proper singing techniques.

Ballerina Corps Melon

The girls discuss their new Ballerina Corps Melon jobs while at lunch. Then after ballet class, they discover that a video rental store is being attacked!


Don't Stop Renaichuu by T&C Bomber

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