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Limited Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Limited Analog Edition Cover
Catalog Number
ESCL-5180~1 (Limited Edition)
ESCL-5182 (Regular Edition)
ESJL-3115~6 (Limited Analog Edition)
¥4,180 (Limited Edition)
¥3,850 (Limited Analog Edition)
¥3,300 (Regular Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Chime (チャイム)
  2. Träumerei (トロイメライ; [de]: Dreaming)
  3. Yatara to Synchronicity (やたらとシンクロニシティ; Impulsively and Synchronicity)
  4. Mahou wa Mada (魔法はまだ; Magic Is Not Yet)
  5. Shinobikomitai (しのびこみたい; I Want to Creep In)
  6. Tadaima (ただいま; I'm Home)
  7. Koujitsu ni Shite (口実にして; As an Excuse)
  8. Fuuraibou (風来坊; Wanderer)
  9. Tenkousei ni Naretara (転校生になれたら; If You Can Become a Transfer Student)
  10. Sunday Girl
  11. Sarusuberi (百日紅; Crape Myrtle)
  12. 24hours
  13. Utsukushii wa (美しいわ; It's Beautiful)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Chime (Lyric Video)
  2. Träumerei (Music Video)


forme is the ninth studio album released by YUKI. It was released in three versions: a limited CD+DVD edition, a regular CD edition, and a limited analog edition. The song "Chime" was used as the theme for the NHK show Asaichi, and the song "Yatara to Synchronicity" was used as the theme for the Fuji TV drama Scandal Senmon Bengoshi QUEEN. The album peaked at #5 on the Oricon weekly albums chart and charted for a total of 14 weeks.

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