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The End of Shite

Single Cover
the end of shite
Catalog Number
  1. the end of shite
  2. bed
  3. Count Backwards


"the end of shite" is the debut solo single released by YUKI. The title track was used as the commercial song for the Toyota Motor Corporation's WiLL VS model. It was released a year after JUDY AND MARY's final studio album WARP. The single was written and produced by Higurashi Aiha, formerly of the Japanese rock band Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her. "YUKI was a fan [of Higurashi]" and she contacted Higurashi looking for a "producer, songwriter, and musician."[1] At the time Higurashi had five songs written as she was getting ready to launch her own solo career, and she played the songs for YUKI. YUKI loved the songs, and used three of them for this single.

These tracks are YUKI's only songs in her solo discography not to feature her own lyrics. "the end of shite" was later placed on YUKI's first studio album PRISMIC as track #1, and later on the best-of compliations five-star and POWERS OF TEN. Higurashi later recorded her own self-cover and released it in 2003 on her own debut solo, "NEW LIFE".

Song Information

Higurashi Aiha
Higurashi Aiha
Other Information
Arrangement: Higurashi Aiha
Chorus, backing vocals: Higurashi Aiha
Guitar: Higurashi Aiha

Concert Perfomances

Music Video

A scene from the music video

The music video for "the end of shite" features YUKI singing in a leather chair. YUKI slips her hand under her skirt and withdraws it along with several animated dwarves who proceed to dance all over YUKI. The video ends as the dwarves run back up her leg and under her skirt. Because of the videos taboo nature there were quite a few programs that banned its broadcasting.

Other Information
Production: teevee graphics,Inc.
Make up: YUKI (FEMME)
Styling: Moriyasu


Oricon Chart Positions

YUKI promoting the single in ROCK ON JAPAN

The single reached the #6 on the weekly Oricon chart and it continued to rank on the charts for six weeks. The single sold a total of 125,440 copies, making it YUKI's most successful single to date, and it ranked in at the #104 best selling single of the year. Because it sold over 100,000 copies it was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of Japan.

Week Rank Sales
6 70,040
11 28,180
29 13,370
36 7,760
60 3,620
76 2,470
  • Total Reported Sales: 125,440


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