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YUKI Live "5-Star" ~The Gift Will Suddenly Arrive~

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DVD Cover
YUKI LIVE "5-star" ~The gift will suddenly arrive~
Catalog Number
  1. The party begins
  2. The gift will suddenly arrive
  3. Nagai Yume (長い夢; Long Dream)
  4. Talk about the Album five-star
  5. Melancholinista (メランコリニスタ)
  6. Hadaka no Taiyou (裸の太陽; Naked Sun)
  7. Sentimental Journey (センチメンタルジャーニー)
  8. Talk about the LIVE 5-star
  9. Joy to the world
  10. Tinkerbell (ティンカーベル)
  11. DANCE ON
  12. Hey! You! (ヘイ!ユー!)
  13. Talk about the "Band ASTRO"
  14. Fugainaiya (ふがいないや; Worthless)
  15. Mainichi ga Tanjoubi (毎日が誕生日)
  16. Birthday (バースディ)
  17. JOY
  18. Looking back on the LIVE 5-star
  19. Yorokobi no Tane (歓びの種; Seed of Happiness)
  20. Wonderline (ワンダーライン)
  21. Happy Birthday to me
  22. Prism (プリズム)
  23. Happy Birthday to YUKI
  24. The party is over


YUKI LIVE "5-star" ~The gift will suddenly arrive~ is the fifth DVD (third live DVD) released by YUKI. It includes art video-style footage of her November 2th, 2007 performance at the Nippon Budokan during her YUKI LIVE "5-star" tour plus interviews. The DVD reached #1 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for 8 weeks.

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