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Hello! Morning Episode 005

Idol Legends - Isono Kiriko / 4th Gen Debut

Air Date




Goto Maki, Ichii Sayaka

Cast Members

Ordered by generation then by age where applicable


Isono Kiriko


Opening Theme

"Hello! no Theme"

New Member Debut

Each member gives her self-introduction as 4th gen makes its Hello! Morning debut.

Morning Talk - "Idol Legends"

Isono Kiriko talks with Morning Musume. about how to properly do gourmet reporting and learns the "Chokotto LOVE" choreography.

Ballerina Corps Melon

Ayumi suddenly collapses with a fever during ballet class as a para-para dancing insect-man villain appears.

T&C Bomber's Skill-Up Course

Enka singing course with Heike Michiyo, Iida Kaori, Abe Natsumi, Rinne, Ayaka, Miyoshi Chinatsu, and Maeda Yuki. In this final enka segment, each student must sing the song solo and demonstrate their technique for their final exam.


Hokkaido Shalala by Country Musume (Backup dancing by Melon Kinenbi)

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