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Eternal Dream

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Album Cover
eternal dream
Catalog Number
CD1 (dream BEST SELECTION) Tracklist
  1. Movin' on
  2. "Puzzle" (『パズル』)
  3. 'Cattleya' (‘カトレア’)
  4. Don't forget memory
  5. Negai (願い)
  6. My will
  7. Answer
  8. Message
  9. Get Over
  10. STAY ~now I'm here~ (brilliant version)
  11. Breakin' out
  12. brave
  13. SINCERELY -ever dream-
  14. Heart on Wave
CD2 (dream MEGA MIX NON-STOP) Tracklist
  1. Movin' on (Dub's Not Illegal Mix)
  2. Get over (Flutlicht Vocal Mix)
  3. access to love (Y&Co. TAST Mix)
  4. Our time (Kid Vicious Remix)
  5. FREE AS THE WIND (Original Mix)
  6. destine (Original Mix)
  7. Believe in you (Original Mix)
  8. solve (Hex Hector Remix)
  9. Heart on wave (2FT Mix)
  10. Yourself (Dub's Unrestricted Remix)
  11. send a little love (BEATWAVE Remix)
  12. Private wars (Dub's Hyper Club Remix)
  13. Start me up (landscape Mix)
  14. STAY & solve (BEATWAVE ANTHEM Mix)
  15. w.h.y (D-Z DREAM STRIDE Mix)
  16. My will (sweet dream Mix)
  17. reality (EUROBEAT Mix)
  18. DO YOU WANNA DANCE (Go Go Girls Cover)
  19. Breakin' out (EURO POWER Mix)


eternal dream is the first best album released by dream. It was the final release of dream's original 3-member lineup. First press editions came housed in a slipcase, and included a random (1 of 4) trading card and a random (1 of 3) booklet covers, each one featuring a different member of the group. The first disc is a "best of" collection, with tracks selected through online voting. Meanwhile, the second disc is a non-stop song of mostly remixes, with each track ending in a lead-in to the following song. The album features the remix of an unreleased song "STAY & solve".

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
x x x x x x x 9 56,390
x x x x x x x 16 18,250
x x x x x x x 37 8,590
x x x x x x x 48 5,060

Total Reported Sales: 88,290

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