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I Love Dream World

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CD Only Cover
DVD Cover
I ♥(Love Dream) world
2003.09.10 (CD)
2003.12.10 (DVD)
Catalog Number
AVCD-30522 (CD)
AVBD-91171 (DVD)
¥1,050 (CD)
¥3,129 (DVD)
  1. Wo Ai Ni (我愛イ尓; I Love You)
  2. Love is power
  3. I love dream world ~Sekaijuu no Shiawase wo Utaou~ (I love dream world ~世界中のしあわせを歌おう~; Let's Sing the Happiness of the Earth)
  4. Embrace Me (S-dream featuring KANA)
  5. Wo Ai Ni (Instrumental)
  6. Love is power (Instrumental)
  7. I love dream world ~Sekaijuu no Shiawase wo Utaou~ (Instrumental)
  8. Embrace Me (Instrumental)
DVD Tracklist
  1. I Love Dream World~世界中のしあわせを歌おう~Promotion video~ (Ver.1)
  2. I Love Dream World~世界中のしあわせを歌おう~Promotion video~ (Ver.2)
  3. Single 「I Love Dream World」 TV-SPOT
  4. Viewsic Tokuban 「I Love Dream Worldプレートを創ろう」 [Director's Cut Version]


"I ♥ world" is dream's 15th single. First pressings came in a special package, and included one of nine trading cards. In its official title, the phrase "love dream" is represented by a combination heart/peace sign (resulting in frequent misreadings, usually "I love world" or "I world"). This would remain the group's symbol until their rebirth as DRM in 2007. The single reached #10 on the weekly Oricon charts and charted for six weeks. This is also dream's first single to chart within the top 10 on Oricon's weekly charts since 2001's "My will".

A DVD version of the single, containing two PVs for the single's title track, was released December 10, 2003. First pressings (of the DVD Only Version) included a B2 size poster. A third version of the PV was released on the ID CD+DVD. A "white X'mas" version of the song was the only track on the 1st X'mas single performed by the entire unit; it too was given a PV, released on that single's CD+DVD.

TV Performances
  • [2003.08.29] GIRL POP FACTORY
  • [2003.09.11] AX MUSIC-TV01
  • [2003.09.17] Utaban
  • [2003.09.17] Shiodome Style
  • [2003.09.20] ayu ready? (with Hamasaki Ayumi)
  • [2003.11.07] J-POP Special Live a-nation 2003
  • [2003.12.21] Melodix (white X'mas ver. with Fruits Punch and SweetS)
Live Performances
  • dream party 2
  • dream Party 2006 ~Love & dream~
  • dream Party 2006 X'mas

Song Information

Otowa Shiho
Sako Shigeki
Other Information
Arrangement: Sako Shigeki

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