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* [2017] [[JK Ninja Girls]] (JKニンジャガール) <small>(guest appearance)</small>
* [2017] [[JK Ninja Girls]] (JKニンジャガール) <small>(guest appearance)</small>
* [2017] [[Yumemiru Television]] (夢見るテレビジョン)
* [2017] [[Yumemiru Television]] (夢見るテレビジョン)
* [2019] [[PSY・S]]

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Nakajima Saki promoting °COMPLETE SINGLE COLLECTION (2017)

Nakajima Saki (中島早貴) is a Japanese pop singer and actress managed by Up-Front Promotion. She was formerly part of Hello! Project as a member of °C-ute.



Nakajima Saki was originally a member of the Hello! Project Kids. In 2005, she was chosen to join the group °C-ute. She was a member of Little Gatas and then Mix Gatas before being added to Gatas Brilhantes H.P. in 2007.

The disbandment of °C-ute was announced on August 20, 2016 through various online and print news sources, followed closely by the official website and blogs of the members. The last performance for the group was scheduled to take place in June 2017 at Saitama Super Arena, during their 12th year of activities.

On May 27, 2017 Nakajima Saki announced that after the group disbandment she would pursue an acting career as well as PR and nature focused Satoyama activities.


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  • Her official image color is sky blue. Prior to Umeda Erika's graduation in 2009, her image color was orange.
  • She shares her name with seiyuu Nakajima Saki (中島沙樹), although their given names are different in kanji.

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