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Wonderful Hearts

Wonderful Hearts (2009)

Wonderful Hearts (ワンダフルハーツ) was one of two splinter groups that Hello! Project artists were divided into.


Hello! Project originally performed altogether during their annual winter and summer concert tours, but for winter 2005, Hello! Project artists were split into Hello! Project Akagumi and Hello! Project Shirogumi, and performed their own concerts before joining together again for the last concerts of the tour. This idea was reused a year later for winter 2006, with artists belonging to either Wonderful Hearts or Elder Club.

Wonderful Hearts featured Hello! Project's flagship group, Morning Musume, and several young, recent artists, thus making them arguably the more popular and prominent of the two splinter groups. They were even featured twice for summer concert tours, which usually featured all of Hello! Project. When all artists under Elder Club graduated from Hello! Project in 2009, the remaining members of Wonderful Hearts essentially became the new Hello! Project, thus the need for the Wonderful Hearts name is no longer necessary.