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"Chizu to Tegami to Koi no Uta" Yori - Haru

CD Art
Sakamoto Maaya
"Chizu to Tegami to Koi no Uta" Yori - Haru (「地図と手紙と恋のうた」 より-春; From "The Map, the Letter and the Love Song" - Spring)
Catalog Number
  1. I.D.
  2. Uchuu Hikoushi no Uta (うちゅうひこうしのうた; The Astronaut's Song)
  3. Loop (ループ)
  4. Hashiru (走る; Run)
  5. Alkaloid (アルカロイド)
  6. Koucha (紅茶; Black Tea)
  7. Wakaba (若葉; New Leaves)
  8. Kimidori (キミドリ; Yellowish-Green)
  9. park amsterdam (the whole story)
  10. Yuunagi LOOP (夕凪ループ; Peaceful Evening LOOP)
  11. Okitegami (おきてがみ; Farewell Letter)


"Chizu to Tegami to Koi no Uta" Yori - Haru" is the a digital compilation released by Sakamoto Maaya dedicated to her radio show Chizu to Tegami to Koi no Uta and her 10th anniversary. It was released on the same day with her second mini-album 30minutes night flight. Each song costs ¥200 while the whole album costs ¥1,600.

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