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Maaya Sakamoto Live 2011 in the Silence

DVD Cover (Limited Edition)
Blu-Ray Cover (Limited Edition)
DVD Cover (Regular Edition)
Blu-Ray Cover (Regular Edition)

Sakamoto Maaya
Maaya Sakamoto Live 2011 in the silence
Catalog Number
VTXL-4 (Blu-ray)
VTBL-13~14 (DVD)
¥7,350 (Blu-ray)
¥6,300 (DVD)


  1. Introduction to "easy listening"
  2. inori
  3. blind summer fish
  4. doreddo 39
  5. MC 1
  6. afternoon repose
  7. bitter sweet
  8. another grey day in the big blue world
  9. MC 2
  10. birds


  1. Introduction to "30minutes night flight"
  2. 30minutes night flight
  3. Dreaming (ドリーミング)
  4. Kioku-there's no end (記憶-there's no end; Memories)
  5. Bokutachi ga Koi wo Suru Riyuu (僕たちが恋をする理由; The Reason Why We Fell in Love)
  6. Setsuna (セツナ; Moment)
  7. Universe (ユニバース)
  8. 30minutes night flight~sound of a new day


  1. Introduction to "Driving in the silence"
  2. Road Interlude
  3. Driving in the silence
  4. Sayonara Santa
  5. Melt the snow in me
  6. MC 3
  7. homemade christmas
  8. Kotoshi Ichiban (今年いちばん; The Best This Year)
  9. MC 4
  10. Tatoeba Ringo ga Te ni Ochiru You ni (たとえばリンゴが手に落ちるように; For Example May Apples Which Fall Into Your Hands)
  11. Kyokuya (極夜; Polar Night)
  12. Chikai (誓い; Oath)
  13. Driving in the silence -reprise-


  1. MC 5
  2. Buddy
  3. Okaerinasai (おかえりなさい; Welcome Home)
  4. Rule ~ Iro Asenai Hibi (色褪せない日々; Everyday in Life Doesn't Fade)
  5. Coda~Driving in the silence

<Making & Extras>

  1. MAKING~MAAYA SAKAMOTO in the silence behind the scenes
  2. Bonus Track ~ Chikai -Reharsal- (BONUS TRACK~「誓いーリハーサルー」; Bonus Track ~ Oath -Reharsal-)


Maaya Sakamoto Live 2011 in the silence is the fourth DVD/Blu-ray (third live DVD and second Blu-ray) released by Sakamoto Maaya. The concert features a live performance of her three mini-albums "easy listening", "30minutes night flight" and "Driving in the silence" from start to finish and in the exact sequence as they are included on the CDs. It was a 5-day live presentation recorded at Ginga Gekijou theater in Tokyo, in December, 2011. The limited edtion of the DVDs/Blu-ray came with a photobook and original earplugs.


Date Place
2011.12.12 Ginga Gekijou Theater
2011.12.13 Ginga Gekijou Theater
2011.12.14 Ginga Gekijou Theater
2011.12.16 Ginga Gekijou Theater
2011.12.18 Ginga Gekijou Theater

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