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Live Tour 2015-2016 "Follow Me Up" Final at Nakano Sun Plaza

Limited Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Sakamoto Maaya
LIVE TOUR 2015-2016 "FOLLOW ME UP" FINAL at Nakano Sun Plaza (LIVE TOUR 2015-2016 "FOLLOW ME UP" FINAL at 中野サンプラザ)
Catalog Number
VTZL-121 (Limited Edition)
VTCL-60431~2 (Regular Edition)
¥4,320 (Limited Edition)
¥3,564 (Regular Edition)
CD Tracklist
  • Disc 1
  2. Gift
  4. Be mine!
  5. Sanagi (さなぎ; Pupa)
  6. Arco (アルコ)
  7. Waiting for the rain
  8. Chibikko Fork (ちびっこフォーク; Small Fork)
  9. Kimi no Suki na Hito (君の好きな人; Your Favorite Person)
  10. That is To Say
  11. DIVE
  12. Secrear (セクレアール)
  13. T-Shirt (Tシャツ)
  14. Mada Ugoku (まだうごく; Still I Move)
  15. Replica (レプリカ)
  • Disc 2
  1. Hello
  2. Shiawase ni Tsuite Watashi ga Shitteiru 5-tsu no Houhou (幸せについて私が知っている5つの方法; Five Ways I Know to Be Happy)
  3. Shikisai (色彩; Colors)
  4. Life is good
  5. Platinum (プラチナ)
  6. Kasuka na Melody (かすかなメロディ; Faint Melody)
  7. Iris (アイリス)
  8. Singer-songwriter (シンガーソングライター)
  9. Sotsugyou Shashin (卒業写真; Graduation Photo)
  10. Magic Number (マジックナンバー)
  11. Kore Kara (これから; From Now On)
  12. Pocket wo Kara ni Shite (ポケットを空にして; Empty Your Pockets)
DVD Tracklist
  • Secret Footage (20 Minutes)


LIVE TOUR 2015-2016 "FOLLOW ME UP" FINAL at Nakano Sun Plaza is the second live album released by Sakamoto Maaya. It was released in two versions: a limited 2CD+DVD+Photobook edition and a regular 2CD edition.

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