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23ji no Ongaku

Album Cover
Kanno Yoko feat. Sakamoto Maaya
23ji no Ongaku (23時の音楽; Music of the 23rd Hour)
Catalog Number
  1. Two things
  2. Sakamoto Maaya - Here
  3. Sakamoto Maaya - Daniel (ダニエル)
  4. Pepper stretch
  5. Sakamoto Maaya - Kissing the christmas killer
  6. Sakamoto Maaya - Trust me
  7. Noelle (ノエル)
  8. Sakamoto Maaya - Fad (ファド)
  9. Tarkan (タルカン)
  10. Penguin Shuurinin (ペンギン修理人; Penguin Repairman)
  11. Mujouken Spectre (無条件スペクトル; Unconditional Spectre)
  12. Sakamoto Maaya - Toto
  13. Kudamono Knife no Shi (果物ナイフの死; Death by Fruit Knife)
  14. Noel no Piano (ノエルのピア; Noelle's Piano)


23ji no Ongaku is the soundtrack album of the radio drama Mayonaka wa Betsu no Kao with music scored by Kanno Yoko. The album features various songs sung by Sakamoto Maaya. Its reached #32 on the Oricon charts and charted for 3 weeks.

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