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Lucy (Sakamoto Maaya)

CD Art
CD Cover with Case
Sakamoto Maaya
2010.03.24 (Reissue)
Catalog Number
VTCL-60214 (Reissue)
  1. Lucy
  2. Mameshiba (マメシバ)
  3. Strobe no Sora (ストロボの空; Sky of Strobe)
  4. Alkaloid (アルカロイド)
  5. Koucha (紅茶; Black Tea)
  6. Kinobori to Akai Skirt (木登りと赤いスカート; Tree-climbing and a Red Skirt)
  7. Life is good
  8. Honey bunny
  9. T-Shirt (Tシャツ)
  10. Kuuki to Hoshi (空気と星; Air and Stars)
  11. Rule ~ Iro Asenai Hibi (色褪せない日々; Everyday in Life Doesn't Fade)
  12. Watashi wa Oka no Uekara Kabin wo Nageru (私は丘の上から花瓶を投げる; Throw a Vase from Atop the Hill)


"Lucy" is the third album released by Sakamoto Maaya. The case for this album has a large sticker with the album name on it, while the booklet front has no writting. When the booklet is properly in the case, the "album cover" looks complete. The album reached #16 on the Oricon charts and charted for 4 weeks, selling 43,080 copies.

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