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Okaerinasai (Sakamoto Maaya)

Limited Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Sakamoto Maaya
Okaerinasai (おかえりなさい)
Catalog Number
VTZL-31 (Limited Edition)
VTCL-35120 (Regular Edition)
¥2,310 (Limited Edition)
¥1,155 (Regular Edition)
  • Disc 1
  1. Okaerinasai (おかえりなさい; Welcome Home)
  2. A HAPPY NEW YEAR (original: Matsutoya Yumi)
  3. Okaerinasai (Instrumental) (おかえりなさい)
  4. A HAPPY NEW YEAR -Instrumental-
  • Disc 2 (LIVE TOUR 2011 "You can't catch me" SPECIAL LIVE CD ~the second part~)
  1. Peace (ピース)
  2. Kazemachi Jet ~ Kazeyomi edition (風待ちジェット~kazeyomi edition; Jet Waiting for a Good Wind)
  3. Get No Satisfaction!
  4. Magic Number (マジックナンバー)
  5. Hikari Are (光あれ; Let There Be Light)
  6. Topia (トピア)
  7. I and I
  8. stand up, girls!
  9. everywhere


"Okaerinasai" is the 21st single released by Sakamoto Maaya. The title track was used as the opening theme for the anime Tamayura ~hitotose~. The limited edition came with a bonus disc featuring selected songs from her live concert at Tokyo International Forum Hall A, in her LIVE TOUR 2011 "You can't catch me" on June 3rd and 4th, 2011. The single reached #8 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for 6 weeks.

Song Information

Sakamoto Maaya promoting the single
Sakamoto Maaya
Matsutoya Yumi
Other Information
Arrangement: Mori Toshiyuki


There are two known versions of "Okaerinasai" to be found in Sakamoto Maaya's discography. These include:

Found on the "Okaerinasai" single as track #1 and Single Collection+ Mitsubachi as track #14. This is the main version set to the PV.
Okaerinasai -Instrumental-
Found on the "Okaerinasai" single as track #3. This is the standard version except without vocals.

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- - - - - - - 8 13,948
- - - - - - - 37 2,016
- - - - - - - x x,xxx
- - - - - - - x x,xxx

Total Reported Sales: 18,773

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