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Single Collection+ Nikopachi

Album Cover
Sakamoto Maaya
Single Collection+ Nikopachi (シングルコレクション+ ニコパチ)
2003.07.30 (Japan)
2006.04.04 (United States)
2010.03.24 (Reissue)
Catalog Number
VIZL-85 (Limited Edition)
VICL-61158 (Regular Edition)
VTCL-60216 (Reissue)
¥3,800 (Regular Edition)
¥2,625 (Limited Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Yoake no Octave (夜明けのオクターブ; Octave of Dawn)
  2. Hemisphere (ヘミソフィア)
  3. Daniel (ダニエル)
  4. Bike (バイク)
  5. Shippo no Uta (しっぽのうた; Tail's Song)
  6. Yubiwa -23 Carat- (指輪 -23カラット-; Ring -23 Carat-)
  7. Ongaku (音楽; Music)
  8. Midori no Hane (みどりのはね; Green Wings)
  9. Shima Shima (シマシマ; Striped)
  10. Kimidori (キミドリ; Yellowish-Green)
  11. tune the rainbow
  12. Toto
  13. Here
  14. Vector (ベクトル)
  15. THE GARDEN OF EVERYTHING ~Denki Rocket ni Kimi wo Tsurete~ (電気ロケットに君を連れて; Taking You on an Electric Rocket)
  16. gravity
DVD Tracklist
  1. Mameshiba (マメシバ) (PV)
  2. Hashiru (走る; Run) (PV)
  3. Making of Nikopachi 2003 〜 gravity (メイキング・ニコパチ2003 〜 gravity)
  4. Staff + Small bonus footage: Maaya in London (STAFF + 小さくおまけ映像: Maaya in London)


Single Collection+ Nikopachi is the second best album released by Sakamoto Maaya. It is a compilation of Sakamoto's A-sides and B-sides from her sixth single "Yubiwa" to her eleventh single "tune the rainbow" as well as unreleased songs. The album reached #3 on the Oricon charts and charted for 11 weeks, selling 69,966 copies. It is currently her best selling album to date. The limited edition came with a bonus DVD containing the music videos of Hashiru and Mameshiba.

This disc was released in North America on April 4th, 2006 by Geneon Entertainment. The contents were left completely untouched for this new version. The North American version does, however, feature a romanized and translated tracklist, as well as romanizations and translations for all of the lyrics.

The album's title is a pun on the onomotopoeia to smile "nikoniko" (ニコニコ) and "panchi" (パンチ) - the foreign loaned word punch. This is shown on the cover in which Sakamoto is both smiling and punching.

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